In english

In english

About Valla

Welcome to Valla folkhögskola. We are a bit above the ordinary, located in a green park in between Valla recreational area and Linköping university you will find our, typically Swedish, red school. We put the individual first and together we style both our days and classes. We are the ones who dare, and dare to fail, we are the ones who aim high and want to co-create and design tomorrows society. Close by to everything a large city like Linköping has to offer and still, a secluded space for us and our needs.

Our boarding school

At Valla we like to hang out together, we have a very friendly spirit throughout the entire school. Out boarding school is located in four different buildings. Two of them with two-room apartments including kitchen, that two people share. The other two have 10 single rooms each, with a large common kitchen and lounge. All rooms of course have separate bathroom with shower and wc. A washer is found in each house.

Even though we believe you will spend most of your time with friends, you should know that in addition to Vallaskogen and it’s jogging tracks you’ll also find an exercise hall, and a small gym.

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