Våra utbildningar

Acting and Collaborative theatre

Two year Physical Theatre program.


Spring 2018 with start fall 2018. Admission is free for both Swedish and International students. The course language is English and / or Swedish, depending on the composition of the class.
EU-citizens are eligible for student loans (CSN). For requirements and further information, please contact the school office.

The aim of the program is the education of unique creative performers with the abilities to develope original material and devise new work. Being able to explore content from any given point, theme or context and create ways to communicate. Improvisation and composition is explored in all classes, both as skill and as creative method. Skills are developed in context as all classes are inter-related.The education is practical, very physical and creativitly challenging.

Two admissions are open for applicants, who in the future wish to pursue teaching in the arts. Previous experience is required. The first year and main parts of year two are shared with the class in full, to let experience inform and deepen your understanding of both creative and pedagogical processes. Your own learning will have a specific and continuous follow-up during the first year, with instruction and practice in the second year.


Movement – Imagination – Voicework – Acting – Presence – Practical Tai Chi Chuan – Improvisation and Composition – Maskwork – Abstractions – Contemporary Dance – Dance/Acrobatics – Physical Theatre – Texts – Textanalysis – Theatre History – Dramatic Combat – Reflection – Analysis and Process


Daily practices to develope awareness,presence, technique and improvisational skills.

Voice work

Begins with the joy of creating sound and experiencing relationships between movement, voice and space. Further exploring rhythm, projection and qualities of sound, developing imagination, presence, resonance and range. Creating scenework from various themes, both ensemble and solo, and interpretation through song.

Physical theatre

The study of different aspects of form and human approaches. From the spontaneous and inventive willingness to take the fall – through the sincerely exaggerated emotions, the ability to move, developing a sensibilty for the tragicomical (Melodrama) – action relating to fate (Tragedy) – to comedy beyond tragedy, the art of turning on expectations (Bouffon) – and, by any means available to tell a story, playing with changing perspectives while editing time, space, content, image and action (Storytelling).

Projects and Performances

Weekly scenework assignements performed within class, two to three projects open for public audiences each year and a Final production in year 2.

Guest Teachers

Helena Ritzen – Musik & improvisation
Marjo Kuusela – Choreographer, Professor of Dance and Academician, Academy of Finland
Oula Kitti – Movement
Iiro Heikkilä – Acrobatics
Lennart Peep -Directing
Jarkko mandelin – Movement, Contact Improvisation
Mikael Wallin – Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Mikael is a two time european gold medalist in Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Educational Director – Peppe Östensson

Peppe Östensson has been teaching  acting and movement for 25 years internationally, for stage, screen and performing arts programs. Amongst them:  College of William and Mary, VA, USA, Banff Cultural Centre, Canada,Nadine – Laboratory for contemporary arts – Brussels, The Royal Conservatory of Music, Denmark, The Latvian Academy of Culture – Riga, The Theatre Academy in Oslo – Norway,  Dansbiennalen Umeå, Sweden.

Peppe Östensson works as a Fight Director and Sword Master for stage and screen. Credits include work for Malmöbaletten, Sweden, The National Theatre,Oslo –  Norway, Gothenburg City Theatre, Uppsala City Theatre,Länsteatern Örebro, Östgöta Teatern – Sweden.

He was Swordmaster for the film productions and TV – series of ”Arn”. He has worked with Pontus Lidberg Dance for the dance production of Warriors – Norrlands Operan. Choreographed for Cressida Brown´s direction of Macbeth for the Bard En Seine Festival – Paris.

Peppe just choreographed/ directed Crossroads, a touring blues/ dance piece in Linköping-Sweden.He is currently preparing a commissioned dance piece to be open at The George Mason University in Washington D.C, USA oct 14 2016.All the seven performers come from the education.

He is the founder of the Nordic Stage Fight Society and an Honorary Fight Master with Fight Directors Canada. For the NSFS he has developed an international mentor programme for the education of future teachers and choreographers in the art of Dramatic combat.Recipient of The Paddy Crean Award in Banff – Canada, 2006 and 2015 with his wife Maria Winton.Hunt – Scammon Visiting – Guest – Artist-in -Residence, College of William and Mary, VA, USA 1999.

Peppe offers private training to performers, teachers and Choreographers.