Våra utbildningar


At Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst, we work in context. This means we aim to provide the participants with the necessary tools for a professional life in the arts - in or independently of institutions. We want our participants to make a difference in daily life. Our ambition is to train people to be a voice, not an echo.

Educational Director – Peppe Östensson

Peppe Östensson has been teaching acting and movement for 30 years internationally, for stage, screen and performing arts programs. Amongst them: College of William and Mary in the USA, Banff Cultural Centre in Canada, Nadine Laboratory for contemporary arts in Brussels, The Royal Conservatory of Music in Denmark, The Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga, The Theatre Academy in Oslo, Norway, Dansbiennalen in Umeå, Sweden.

Peppe Östensson has also worked as a Fight Director and Sword Master for stage and screen. Credits include work for Malmöbaletten in Sweden, The National Theatre in Norway, Gothenburg City Theatre, Uppsala City Theatre, Länsteatern in Örebro, Östgöta Teatern, the Malmö Opera in Sweden and Riksteateret in Norway. He was Swordmaster for the film productions and TV – series of ”Arn – the knight templar”.

Peppe has choreographed for Pontus Lidberg Dance for the dance production “Warriors” (Norrlands Operan). He has choreographed for Cressida Brown´s direction of Macbeth for the Bard En Seine Festival in Paris. He has choreographed/directed “Crossroads”, a touring blues/dance piece in Sweden, “Heartquakes”, a solo dance and music performance in Sweden, and directed “Århundradets Kärlekssaga”, a monologue of Märta Tikkanens collection of poems with the same name.

Peppe is the founder of the Nordic Stage Fight Society and an Honorary Fight Master with Fight Directors Canada. He is the recipient of The Paddy Crean Award in Banff, Canada, 2006 and 2015 with his late wife Maria Winton.

Teacher – Hilde Veronika Östensson

Hilde graduated from the European Film College in 2004 and continued to work in the Danish movie industry where she among other things edited a feature film (“Caroline – den sidste rejse”/Roberta Film). She graduated from the University of Copenhagen with a BA in musicology and music/arts management in 2012, and has worked internationally as a singer for 15 years. She has trained ballet and jazz dance for 10 years and dramatic combat for 17 years. She is a certified teacher with the Nordic Stage Fight Society and a Honorary Fight Director with Fight Directors Canada. Fight credits include: “Fiddler on the roof” at Malmö Opera in Sweden, “Scenes from a Marriage” at Östgötateatern in Sweden, “Sigurd fighting the dragon” at Teatr Groteska in Poland, “Revolution” at Ung Scen/Öst in Sweden, “Kristinspelet” at Otta in Norway, and “Maridalsspillet” in Oslo, Norway. She assisted Fight Director Brad Waller at the Washington Operas production of “Appomattox”, 2015.

In 2014, Hilde graduated as part of the first class in the newly founded Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst. Since then she has worked as an actress, singer, director and choreographer. Credits include: “Love me Tender, Love me True” (actress), “Hjärtbävningar” (original material performance for Östgötateatern), “Konsert for Fredheim” (soloist with musicians Ellen Sejerstedt Bødtker and Torfinn Hoffart), “Heartquakes” (solo performance with original material, original music and voice, directed by Peppe Östensson), “Århundradets Kärlekssaga” (monologue, co-director), “The High Life” (trapeze/theatre performance, director).

Hilde was awarded the Bear Scholarship by the IOSP in Banff, Canada in 2015, and was invited to teach at the Worlds Certification and Teachers Conference in Dramatic Combat in Toronto, Canada, in 2016. She has also taught movement at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia and dramatic combat at Oslo and Akershus University College.

Hilde started working at Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst as an assistant teacher in January and became a full teacher in August 2017.

Guest teachers

Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst regularly invite national and international guest teachers. Former guest teachers include:

Helena Ritzén (Sweden) – Music and improvisation

Marjo Kuusela (Finland) – Contemporary dance and choreography

Oula Kitti (Finland) – Movement, acrobatics and stage combat

Iiro Heikkilä (Finland) – Movement and acrobatics

Alexandra Ekelöf (Sweden) – Music and improvisation

Lennart Peep (Estonia) – Directing

Per Enequist (Sweden) – Contact improvisation

Petra Odebäck (Sweden) – African dance and core training

Jarkko Mandelin (Finland) – Movement and contact improvisation

Anni Koskinen (Finland) – Movement and contact improvisation

Mikael Wallin (Sweden) – Practical Tai Chi Chuan (two time European gold medalist) and Chi Gong

Co-founder – Maria Winton (1962-2016)

American born Maria Winton worked internationally as an artist, teacher, director and Feldenkrais practitioner from the 1990’s and until she passed away in january 2016. She founded Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst together with her life-long partner, Peppe Östensson, in 2012. She was an exceptional human being, artist and teacher – and the pedagogy used every day at Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst is the result of a life-long artistic collaboration with Peppe Östensson. Her vision continues.