Våra utbildningar

Acting and Collaborative theatre

Acting and Collaborative Theatre / Linjen för Scenkonst is a two year physical acting training program with the highest level of artistic ambition. The aim of the program is the education of unique creative performers with the abilities to develop original material and devise new work; the abilities to explore content from any given point, theme or context and creating ways to communicate; the abilities to formulate stories and find their own artistic voice.

The education is transcendent, practical, very physical and creatively challenging.

Skills are developed in context as all classes are inter-related. We work every day from various starting points and forms of expression and develop the ability to ”write on the floor”; to catch an impulse – characterise, concretise and take it into phrase, content, form and performance. Improvisation and composition is explored and reflected upon in all classes, both as skill and as creative method. The unwritten and the unsaid is a vital part of the education.

The education provides you with the tools you need to find your unique, creative voice.